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Friday, January 09, 2004

Wait a Minute... 

Okay, I'm starting to think I've been reacting a bit inappropriately to the moves of Bill Bavasi. Deep breath. He's done some good stuff. He made Ichiro happy with a four year deal at an anual cost lower than what Baltimore gave Tejada. He got Freddy to sign a reasonable one-year deal, avoiding arbitration and giving him another chance to find his ace stuff in Seattle. It's true that fate saved him from making what would have been a totally unforgivable trade (the Omar Vizquel debacle), but when you look at the players the Mariners have picked up and lost, the sum total of this offseason really hasn't been half bad. In fact, it's been pretty good.

That's not to say that someone else wouldn't be doing better. But at least with this guy you know that in a close pennant race, SOMETHING will happen before the deadline. Hell, he might trade for a whole new lienup.

As for the Aurillia=crybaby post, I completely agree. He always seems ready to choke somebody when he fails to hit a 400-foot home run. I guess the team needed a new resident assface after losing Cirillo.

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