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Friday, January 09, 2004

Why Won't the Cubs Sign Pudge? 

In general, I think Jim Hendry has done a fantastic job. If the Cubs of today were to play 162 games against the team we had when he took the GM job, the present day Cubs would win at least 100 of them. The guy is clearly a maestro. So I would really like to know why he doesn't want Ivan Rodriguez on the team for the next three years.

This is the most skilled all-around catcher of all time! He wants to be a Cub! The Cubs are one Pudge away from being every bit as good as the Yankees! All the pieces fit, but I'm getting the feeling that it won't happen. We're just going to let him slip away again, just like last year. He's really not that old, and he really hasn't gotten hurt all that often, and $10 million really isn't out of the question. I do not get it.

Maybe if the Astros sign Clemens, Hendry will respond with a Pudge signing. That's my call.

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