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Sunday, February 29, 2004

But Who Sucked the Most Ass? 

I just realized that, in my previous post, I only gave a list of the people with the BEST CSPAN, the hitters who sucked the least. Of course, what we really want to know is who sucked the most ass? Last years ten worst ass-suckers, as measured by CSPAN:

Brandon Phillips (.763)
Damien Miller (.691)
Shane Halter (.658)
Royce Clayton (.649)
Pat Burrell (.619)
Jason Larue (.604)
Josh Phelps (.579)
Xavier Nady (.570)
Alex S. Gonzalez (.569)
Wes Helms (.562)

I think you've got to admit, this is a pretty good list of 2003's crappiest, most useless hitters. The amazing thing is that the Cubs contended with two of the ten worst hitters in the league in their everyday lineup!

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