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Monday, February 23, 2004

Pete's Inappropriately Specific Pre-preseason AL Picks 

AL East

New York Stupid Pieces of Crap (121-41)
Boston Red Sox (102-60)
Toronto Bluejays (83-79)
Baltimore Orioles (78-84)
Tampa Bay Devil Rays (39-123)

AL Central

Kansas City Royals (84-78)
Minnesota Twins (82-80)
Chicago White Sox (80-82)
Cleveland Indians (70-92)
Detroit Tigers (64-98)--Oh wait, they signed Pudge!--(66-96)

AL West

Seattle Mariners (94-68)--No, seriously! See my post above this one.
Anaheim Angels (90-62)
Oakland Athletics (87-75)
Texas Rangers (55-107)--Don't really think they're that bad, but the numbers must add up.

Yankees vs. Red Sox in the ALCS, Sox take it in 5.

AL MVP: Vladimir Guerrero

AL Cy Young: Tim Hudson

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