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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

With Rosters Set, it's Time to Look Into the Future! 

Alright! I'm feelin' good, and I think it's time to make some pre-preseason picks! I love these things. It's like a competition to see who can be the most unrealistic.

Pete's Inappropriately Specific Pre-preseason National League Picks for 2004

NL East

1. Philiadelphia Phillies (97-65)
2. Atlanta Braves (86-76)
3. Florida Marlins (85-77)
4. New York Mets (78-84)
5. Montreal Expos (77-85)

NL Central

1. Chicago Cubs! (103-59)
2. St. Louis Cardinals (95-67) WILDCARD
3. Houston Astros (91-71)
4. Pittsburgh Pirates (79-83)
5. Cincinatti Reds (72-90)
6. Milwaukee Whatevers (59-103)

NL West

1. Arizona Diamondbacks (89-74)
2. San Francisco Giants (88-75)--That's right! I'm callin' a playoff game!
3. Los Angeles Dodgers (83-79)
4. San Diego Padres (79-83)
5. Colorado Rockies (70-92)

Cubs vs. Cards in the NLCS, Cubs take it in 7

NL MVP: Albert Pujols

NL Cy Young: Mark Prior

Rookie of the Year: some guy I never heard of

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