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Friday, May 07, 2004

I'm Still Alive Too! 

We have Mark Prior's return date: June 4th! So the doctors finally let me out of intensive care this afternoon, but they gave me a pacemaker connected to Prior's achillies. They say this should prevent the coronary I would surely have, if that precious tendon ever ruptured, from being fatal.

I still think the M's are likely to have a major resurgence. Unfortunately, it looks like things are coming together pretty well for the Angels, so this resurgence won't be likely to matter, what with there being two 105-win teams in the East. Oh well! I still see the M's winning 90 games. The pitching is solid, the bullpen is not as bad as it's playing, and the entire lineup (save Ibanez and Spezio) will improve substantially from here on out. It's far from over.

I thought about your Hall of Fame post frequently, Chris, while I was recovering from the series of minor heart attacks this young baseball season has caused me, and I've decided that you're dead wrong about Albert Belle.

Belle was like that quiet, harmless kid in your Junior High School who, for no discernable reason, everyone absolutely hated. Honestly, what's the worst thing he ever did? If it was knocking Fernando Vina 's block off (when Vina was in the base-line, for Christ's sake), then he's A-okay in my book.

If Puckett and Ralph Kiner get to be in the HOF despite abbreviated careers, then Albert Belle certainly does too. There's just no getting around it. If Belle were as charming as Kirby Puckett (who, it turns out, isn't so sweet when there are no cameras on him), we wouldn't even be discussing it.

If I were the best hitter in the world for five years, but everyone hated me for some reason I couldn't figure out, I'd start acting like an asshole too.

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