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Thursday, May 20, 2004

That Was Awesome! 

So I went to the Cubs game last night, and what a freaking game! It was perfect, the perfect baseball watching experience. The Cubbies were down almost the whole game, then fought back to win dramatically in extra innings--but not too many extra innings. Carlos Zambrano is officially one of my three favorite baseball players. The other two are also Cubs pitchers--see if you can guess which! (Answers at bottom.)

But the best thing about the game was that afterwards, we were sitting outside at the Dark Horse Tap, when a giant black Mercedes SUV stops right next to us. And who's SUV is it? Moises Alou's! There's old urinal-hands himself, leaning out the window, waving excitedly at the drunken revelers, and generally making a childish spectacle of himself! It was awesome!

Even though I never did figure out how to throw a second pitch (never thought I had to with a fastball that occasionally snuck past 75 on the gun), if I were facing Moises Alou with nobody on in the bottom of the tenth, I would never EVER give him a fastball in the strike zone. In fact, I'd probably just avoid throwing him fastballs altogether, in any situation. Here's a telling split:

Moises Alou's Career Stats,

1) When he gets a fastball in the zone with a hitter's count: .783 BA, 224 HR, 877 RBI.

2) All other situations: .087 BA, 25 HR, 135 RBI.

Unfortunately, those numbers aren't really available, but I'm pretty sure my estimates are reasonably accurate. At the very least, the totals add up.

Answers to Pete's Cub Trivia Blitz: Kent Mercker and Glendon Rusch, obviously.

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