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Sunday, June 27, 2004

Hey, That's Not a Bad Trade! 

I never really liked the idea of trading Freddy away, just because he's the best pitcher the Mariners have, and he's still so young. But this trade could turn out to be a real coup! Jeremy Reed is a fantastic young hitter, rated the #2 prospect in the world by Baseball Prospectus 2004 (right behind Joe Mauer).

Here's what they said about Reed:
Sometimes, a prospect comes along that puts up such ridiculous numbers, with no history of more pedestrian numbers to help us keep perspective, that it becomes difficult to fairly evaluate him. Jeremy Reed is such a prospect. Since he was drafted out of Long Beach State, he has done nothing but hit--and at a level that would seem unsustainable for as long as he has... His translated numbers...suggest that he's the most promising hitter in the game, even more so than Mauer.

Picking up a prospect of that caliber, who is ready for Major League action now, for a guy who the Mariners could have back in six months anyway, is a wonderful thing. I didn't think Bavasi was going to get us a Brian Giles or Jeff Bagwell, but he very well may have.

Reed plays right field now, and the scouts say he won't ever be a center fielder. But, then again, neither will Randy Wynn.

And a special thanks to David at Your Thoughts Exactly for getting me the Baseball Prospectus book. I love that thing, man.

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