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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Paul Bako? Yuck! 

Well, tonight did it. Paul Bako is now officially my least favorite home-team beaseball player of all time. He lets the go-ahead run score on a two-out passed ball, then ends the game with a weak ground-out to first. Unbelievable. Paul Bako, it gets no crappier than thou.

What in the world are the Cubs doing with this guy? Michael Barrett is playing as well as any catcher in baseball! He's young, and dammit he can play a hundred forty games this year. But NOOOOO, we have to trot Paul Crapping Bako out there every third game.

Granted, Bako wasn't supposed to play at all today. Barrett, whose attitude problems are well known, was tossed in the seventh for standing between the umpire and Kent Mercker.

I swear, every time Bako comes up in an important situation, I always think, "Well, maybe this is it. Maybe it's Bako's time to shine!" Never again. Bako comes up, I leave the room. I'm in the garage burning an effigy.

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