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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Back From the Dead! 

Well, that was just what I needed to get me interested in baseball again. The way the Cubs totally collapsed the last week of the regular season left such a terrible taste in my mouth, I didn't even want to watch any of the postseason games at first. I assumed we'd have a Yankees-Cards world series, and I didn't want anything to do with that. I assumed baseball had nothing to offer me until free agents started getting haggled over.

Man, it's good to be wrong! That was the most incredible series I've ever seen! All that was missing was a game-seven comeback--but hey, I can live without it. Maybe this way was better anyway. Seeing the Yankees seething in the dugout the whole game, knowing they were getting humiliated, was really precious. A-Rod's furious, red-eyed baby-frown as he watched the Sox celebrate--you just can't top that!

Now we've got the possibility of a Texas vs Massachussets series, which would be awesome. Dammit, it's time for the Red Sox and the New England Liberals to break the curse! You can do it guys! We believe!

On an unrelated note, how much do you think Stieinbrenner's going to pay Beltran now? I'm guessing he gets Manny-like money, because of his absurd postseason and the fact that the Yanks will be bid up by the Cubs. He's a great player, but if he gets five million more than Magglio does, that's just insanity.

I hope you do have to change the name of the website.

Pete! He's alive!

Last night, my buddies Joe, Christian, and I watched the game at My Office in Pullman. People were yelling and screaming the whole game. I mean, there were people going "Yes!" when a Sox hitter would foul off a two-strike pitch! I can only imagine if the M's ever made it that far.

Where are the pictures, Pete? I think now's a very opportune time to post them, don't you?
Yes it is! I'll send you an email, but be warned--even zipped, the files might bust your inbox.
I still am not sure if I can bring myself to root for the BoSox. I can't stand their wining, their long suffering, curse stricken, Nomah abandoning, bitching. I have no desire to see them ever win the Series. Of course I was rooting for them during the Yankee series, I was sitting with a group of delayed travelers who were bound for boston during the magnificent game on Monday in O'hare, cheering for every pitch, it was amazing.

For some reason, the cubs are a warm, friendly group of fans who I believe are deserving of a championship, but the bunch from Fenway have no support from me after game 7. Of course this might all change, who knows.
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