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Monday, November 01, 2004


A reliable insider in the UW athletic program has just informed me that Keith Gilbertson has just been canned as football coach. No word as of yet on who will take over the program, nor do we know who drew this week for Gilby's firing in the UW athletics betting pool.

I almost feel sorry for Gilbertson, but then I came to my senses and realized that he is a Husky and that this accomplishes what I thought was impossible: it puts the Husky football program in an even greater state of disarray. Sorry guys... tough break.

I would totally do your reliable insider.
Nice work Joe. You managed to scoop the Seattle Times, Seattle P-I, and Sports Illustrated, among others. I'm not sure if you got ESPN, since they didn't have a time stamp on their article.
He did scoop ESPN, I was impressed. I felt it was quite classy of Gilby to step down... They better fill up Husky stadium on the 13th when Cal's in town, or forget that changce. I hope they go after the Urbster, Go Dawgs!!!

(as a favor to my mother I'm going to the Arizona game with my dad. As Foghorn Leghorn would say "Ewwwww")
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