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Monday, November 15, 2004

Giants Break the Terrible-Deal Ice 

I've never understood why people think Brian Sabean is a decent GM. If it weren't for Barry Bonds' stubborn refusal to play anywhere but San Francisco, Sabean's tenure would look a lot like the last decade of Pirate or Brewer baseball. That Omar Visquel deal was Bavasi-esque. With six or seven really good shortstops on the market, he jumps the gun to sign the criminally over-rated Omar! to a three year deal...at age 37??? Jesus God, man!

The guy's not even above-average defensively anymore!

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Evan, you're taken care of, buddy. Pete, you're right. This is all too reminiscent of last years "Sign Raul Ibanez way before it's necessary to insure that we forfeit a draft choice" move by Gill Pavasi.
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