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Monday, November 15, 2004

Sammy for Boonie? 

Now that the player's association has let Sammy Sosa out from under the "Sammy no want trade" clause in his contract, there's been some talk of interest from three teams: the Mets, the Rockies, and the Mariners.

The Mets make sense because they've got a bunch of overpaid veterans of their own to get rid of, none of whom could possibly be of any real interest to the Cubs. Maybe Cliff Floyd--he's okay. The Rockies make sense because they're the only team that should really be trying to get Sammy Sosa. But the Mariners? Does that not sound like a disaster waiting to happen?

The only real possibility I can think of is a Sammy for Bret Boone trade, with some cash going the Mariners' way and maybe Scott Spezio going to the Cubs as well.

I care deeply for both teams, and I really hate the sound of that trade.

I say send Sammy to the Marlins for Billy Koch ($6.5 million next year), a minor league prospect, plus the responsibility for paying Mike Hampton over the next few years (somewhere in the neighborhood of $23 million). Either that, or drop his ass on the Yankees, like everyone else does.

For the Mariners, the latest rumor I've heard is Ryan Klesko and Sean Burroughs from the Padres for Randy Winn and Gil Meche, according to the Sporting News.
I certainly hope the Mariners shy away from any trade with the Padres. They have never been successful there. Ben Davis off the top of my head, but I just feel like these trades are always a wash. Getting rid of Winn would be nice though.

I would love to see Sammy playing for the M's. Boone could use a change of scenery... I just see the M's giving up on free agents if this deal was made.
Here's the rub: I'd rather have a strikeout machine that plays marvelous middle infield defense than a strikeout machine that plays -- well, we'll call it "below average" for now -- below average corner outfield defense. Particularly when there are no real Major League-ready replacement prospects waiting in the wings at second base. Particularly when we have Ichiro, Jeremy Reed, and please-Joe Pesci-please-Joe Pesci Carlos Beltran ready to step up in the outfield.

I agree with Joe. Let the Yanks have Sosa.
Report today though that Delgado is very interested in playing in Seattle. His agent (OK, not exactly a reputable source) stated that he is looking for a simlilar town to Toronto, small, quiet, polite etc. That was a nice surprise in a sports section that's front page was talking about the '69 Apple Cup.
A 35-year-old football game is front page news. I love this state this week.
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