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Monday, November 22, 2004

Turkeys of the Year 

It truly has been a sad week for the University of Washington. First, they lose the Apple Cup for the first time since 1997. Then they fail to defend their 2003 title for ESPN's Turkeys of the Year. Due to his recent late push (or punch, for that matter), Ron Artest is this year's runaway winner, and the Huskies didn't even merit a mentioning. Don't worry, Husky fans; your new coach will have you back on probation soon enough, and you'll be back to reclaim the title that is rightfully yours.

Also, how are Maurice Clarett and Fransisco Cordero NOT on the list? Clarett sold out his entire program because he couldn't get his way, and Cordero had one of the ugliest fan incidents (pre-Artest) in sports this year when he chucked a folding chair into the stands and drilling a woman in the face. ESPN dropped the ball by not listing these two.

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