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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Is Sele Returning? 

The Seattle Times is reporting that Aaron Sele is contemplating a one-year offer to return to Seattle. He most likely won't be guaranteed a roster spot, but would seem to have a good shot at making the club due to the Mariner's perceived lack of starting pitching.

Sele was one of baseball's most overpaid players last year ($8.6 mil for a 5.05 ERA and 132 innings) and has seen his numbers decline steadily since leaving Seattle in 2001. Still, as a non-roster envitee, he would be very low-risk for the Mariners. It might even be possible (though unlikely) for him to regain some of his old form. In addition, he'd be a good story for the fans in spring training (think: Norm Charlton). And it's great to see the club giving a former Coug another shot.

You folks are still alive, right?
Yeah damn it, pitchers and catchers reported yesterday.
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