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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Stupid Bavasi Quote of the Day! 

On signing the oft-injured but always crappy Pokey Reece to be the M's starting Shortstop: "We are rolling the dice a little bit." He went on to explain that he was talking about novelty-dice with six blank faces.

It's actually like dice loaded to always land on snake eyes, actually.
Which Cabrera brother had the better 4 months? Orlando, who now has a ring? or Jolbert, who got the news yesterday found out that he's headig to Japan? I just can't figure out how an agent doesn't have something written into a contract that would preclude you from being traded to another country. "Congrats, Mr. Winn, you've been traded to the Bogata Braves."
Which one would you prefer? That's what I thought.

113 359 38 97 19 2 6 47 138 16 70 10 3 .312 .384 .270

96 244 32 54 7 2 3 29 74 17 60 6 2 .271 .303 .221
I don't know if this bodes well, but if I remember correctly Bavasi used the whole 'rolling the dice' analogy with the M's previous 1-year SS stopgap... when they DFA'd him. I paraphrase, but he said 'we rolled the dice... and lost.'

/Go Pokey
I said "actually" in my comment twice. Oops.

Does anyone know what Pokey's performance incentives are, and under what conditions his 2006 option vests? If the incentives are something like ".340 OBP, 500 plate appearances" for the bonus, then this deal kicks serios can. .340 is nothing special, but it's pretty darned effective if it comes from a guy who will save our pitchers as many runs as Pokey should. Ask Franklin or Moyer about the value of that.

In other news, I'm all settled in here in Pullman, back on a more routine schedule, so I'll be posting back at my usual rate now. I know my loyal readership (George, Pete, and my dad) can't wait.
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