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Sunday, April 03, 2005

And the Winner is... 

The first proud recipient of baseball's new "get tough" penalties on steroid use is...

Alex Sanchez, Outfielder, Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Quite a monumental upset. Barry Bonds and Jason Giambi had to be considered the heavy favorites in this race. But Sanchez comes out of nowhere (i.e. Tampa) and steals the honor away. Congrats on getting yourself in the history books. Think there will be a special place in the Hall of Fame commemorating the occasion?

Oh, and for his efforts, Sanchez is to be suspended 10 days, pending appeal, and be given a slap on the wrist.

You know, I bought in to the "no one wants to be the first guy pinched" argument about how the penalties are tough enough. The a nobody like Alex Sanchez gets flagged, instead of a Giambi or a Palmeiro, and now the ice has been broken. Should be a one-year suspension.
I wouldn't have considered Bonds or Giambi or Sheff to be favorites to be pinched first. They have been under a lot of scrutiny lately about what they've been putting into their bodies.

My "favorites" to be outed next:

Kyle Farnsworth (just ask Paul Wilson what another man's roid rage feels like)

Jim Thome (just because you're fat doesn't mean No Roids Inside)

Rich Aurilia (coming off disappointing season)

Michael Tucker (would jump off the Grand Canyon if his Slugging Teammate du jour did it first. Bonds did it, now Tucker will give it a shot.)

Troy Percival

Hideki Matsui (the bacne has spread to his face)

Matsui went yard as his entry was being written

Ryan Franklin (Oh, sweet irony!)
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