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Friday, April 08, 2005

It's April Panic Time! 

It's week one of the baseball season again, and that means it's time to freak out about the Cubs! Oh my God! Oh my freaking God we're screwed!

Once again, Prior and Wood (whose names are now forever linked to the gut-feeling that the Cubs really should be good, but never will be) are nursing various mysterious ailments. Prior got slammed by some triple-A bums yesterday, but at least he left the mound in one piece, and Wood pitches today (I had to perform some ritual sacrifices to get them both back this early--if either goes down again, I'm afraid PETA will really start to get on my case). Maddux is looking the way he usually does this time of year, like an old Subaru that makes terrifying sounds every time you try to accelerate up a steep hill. He's always gotten over the hump before, but jeez... Zambrano still needs anger management. Dempster is...well, thank the good Lord he's not the closer! Not that we have a closer...

Wood just walked the leadoff guy--good to have you back, Kerry.

Okay, let's say Wood and Prior are spot-starters again this year. Can the Cubs hang with the Cards? I think the answer is yes. Call me crazy, but I don't see the Cards winning 100 games again. In fact, I don't see them winning 95. Their pitching will be as much a problem as the Cubs hitting will be. I think both teams will win about 90, both will trail in the Wild Card race, and it'll all come down to those two September series! Oh, it's going to be exhilerating!

And the Cubs will lose.

Cubs and Expectations. They go together like, uh, two things that don't, like, got together very much.
Just had a thought about expectaions. This year, we're all just hoping that the team competes and that individuals make exciting plays. It could be a pretty fun season.
That's a very good point--I hadn't thought of that. It's not like we'll be horribly disappointed in either the Mariners or the Cubs if they fall a bit short. But if they somehow make the plays to do WELL? Oh, man, that'd be sweet!
Not as sweet as rhubarb pie!
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