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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Wow, Prior Looked Really Good!!! 

So I did get to the double-header yesterday, and it was awesome--except that I think I caught pneumonia sitting in that upper-deck wind-tunnel. But I'll live, and the important thing is that Mark Prior looked phenomenal! Like the real Mark Prior! Like a guy who, with any kind of run-support, might win 20 games this year!

This changes the whole equation. With the Proodbradux fully intact, I think the Cubs are a 95-win team. They could still use some bullpen help (I'm rooting for Houston Street to be so unhittable that Beane decides to unload Dotel before the deadline), and the offense is going to be very hit-and-miss, even when Nomar is raking, but nobody can match their rotation--nobody!!!!

Dempster was very good in his last start too. If he can just post 200 innings and a 4.50 ERA, this staff will be by far the best in baseball. Just you wait and see!

Oh, Cubs, I love you so much...

I think any team would wet their pants if their fifth starter went 200 innings, regardless of ERA.
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