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Monday, June 13, 2005

Can Annika Take a Joke? A new "Rocky" Idea? 

If you saw Stewie's little, um, discovery about Annika Sorenstam on last night's episode of Family Guy, you know what I'm talking about. But let's be honest here: we were all thinking the same thing. I wonder what Vegas put as the over/under for the future impending lawsuit?

In a related story, the episode ended with Quagmire and Cleveland duking it out in the boxing ring for fun. Cleveland rang the imaginary bell with his fist, and the scene ended with a still-shot of the two throwing a punch at each other, a clear parody of Rocky III (Quagmire even referred to Cleveland as "Apollo" at one point). I bring this up because a buddy of mine who was also watching the episode thought that it was a reference to the beginning of Rocky IV (he's right, technically). It got me thinking about how every new Rocky movie fills up time by recycling clips from the previous films. Take a look at Rocky IV: there's an entire 5-minute montage just of footage from previous films, in addition to the recycled intro. That montage was just a little longer than the one in Rocky III, which was a little longer than the one in Rocky II. Rocky I didn't have one for obvious reasons, and Rocky V never actually happened in my world.

If they made a new Rocky movie, how much of it would actually be original footage? Has there ever been a motion-picture equivalent of a clip show? I honestly think the next Rocky film could fill that place in cinema history.

I promise to write about real sports next time.

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