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Sunday, December 21, 2003

The 10 Greatest Mariners Of All Time 

On a slow news day, here's my 10:

10. Jamie Moyer

It's the top of the seventh, Moyer on the hill, and some 25-year-old rookie is coming to the plate. Rook's seen about eight change-ups in his previous two AB's, grounding out twice. First pitch, Moyer breaks his bat with a fastball on the hands. 0 for three. No one else I've watched in my life can do that.

9. Omar Vizquel

Just an incredible defensive shortstop, and we got to see him at his best. That play that sealed Bosio's no-hitter was just awesome.

8. Harold Reynolds

Slick-fielding and fast, HR was one of the few bright spots for the M's prior to Junior. Not a bad post-playing career either, hanging out with Peter Gammons all day.

7. Alvin Davis

The first major award winner for the M's (1986 ROY), AD is still the only player in the Mariners Hall of Fame (that will change very soon, however).

6. Ichiro

We all know what Ichiro can do. He's the reason we go to the park in April when it's 34 degrees outside. Would be higher with more seasons of service.

5. Jay Buhner

When there was a runner on second, my dad and I used to root for a single to right, just so we could see Bone uncork a throw. Bonus points awarded because I've been to his house.

4. Alex Rodriguez

Love him or hate him, we got to see one of the best players of all time, back when he was young and still had the fire in his belly.

3. Randy Johnson

Going to a Mariner game between 1995 and 1998 was a fun way to spend an evening. Going to a game when Randy pitched was an event. Some (not me) argue that without the Unit's contribution, fans in Tampa would be rooting for the Tampa Bay Mariners.

2. Edgar Martinez

Leads the American League in number of times newly acquired pitchers have said, "I'm thrilled that I don't have to pitch to THAT GUY any more." Does Gar belong in Cooperstown? I would say so. One of the best hitters in recent memory when it counts.

1. Ken Griffey Jr.

Is there any question? He won a Gold Glove award and was an All-Star every season he was with the M's, with the exception of his rookie campaign. The catch that he broke his wrist on remains the best defensive play I've ever seen. Oh yeah, he was our best hitter, too.


Bret Boone, Dan Wilson, Kazuhiro Sasaki, Bill Caudill, Mark Langston.


Frankie Rodriguez, John Marzanno. Let history show these men's propensity for instigating bench-clearing brawls.

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