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Monday, January 26, 2004

For When You're Bored At Work 

Here's a cool toy. The Oracle Of Baseball, on the Baseball-Reference site. You type the names of two current or former big-league players, and the Oracle connects the two through their teammates. Here's an example using George Bradley (author of the first complete-game no-hitter in Major League history) and Kevin Millwood (most recent CGNH):

George Bradley played with Bert Cunningham for the 1888 Baltimore Orioles

Bert Cunningham played with Nick Altrock for the 1898 Louisville Colonels

Nick Altrock played with Bud Thomas for the 1933 Washington Senators

Bud Thomas played with Dizzy Trout for the 1939 Detroit Tigers

Dizzy Trout played with Brooks Robinson for the 1957 Baltimore Orioles

Brooks Robinson played with Dennis Martinez for the 1976 Baltimore Orioles

Dennis Martinez played with Kevin Millwood for the 1998 Atlanta Braves

One thing I just noticed: check out the career of Nick Altrock. 1898-1933 makes 36 seasons! Altrock only played in 19 of those, but still, he was 56 years old in 1933.

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