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Friday, January 23, 2004

Halladay's $42 Million Deal 

The Jays have signed Roy Halladay to a four year, $42 million contract extension. That's big money for what is considered this offseason to be a long contract, but I think it's a move that's good for both parties. Halladay's only 26, so his best years are probably ahead of him. He's a power pitcher, so, barring injury, his performance is unlikely to inexplicably taper. Even though he tossed 266 innings in 2003, he hasn't thrown a lot of innings over the course of his career, so a stress-related injury is less likely to occur. Halladay, like Tejada and Guerrero, is an example of a player worthy of the long-term, big-money deal that the Mariners would be reluctant to offer to anyone not Japanese in descent. I don't even think Babe Ruth would get a multi-year deal from this gutless bunch.

You make it so hard, Goat Boy, but still we're all trying REALLY hard to believe in 2004, so throw us a friggin' bone, please?

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