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Wednesday, January 07, 2004

It's Hard To Still Care 

Note on Bavasi:
Any one of us (contributers to Sox-1918 and readers like yourself) could have matched, and probably bested, the zero good moves Goat Boy has made so far for the M's. A few more stinkers, and we needn't question his competence any further. It's nearly to the point that this string of bad moves requires not the total incompetence surmised by most; since even the most incompetent GM will get lucky, say, one transaction out of ten. Rather, this impressive streak of ineptness is reaching the level where it can only be explained by an uncanny baseball knack, one with which Bavasi is recognizing one slam-dunk move after another, and taking exactly the oppostite action. Instead of dumping Cirillo outright, or keeping one worthless player with at least a marginal upside, he has traded Cirillo (at a financial wash with the cash involved) for four worthless players who will serve only to further set back the Major League debuts of more highly-talented minor league prospects. Oh, and he threw in a top pitching prospect, to boot.

The guy at Ahoy The SS Mariner! said it first and I'll paraphrase: the moves keep getting worse, but it's getting harder and harder to find a sense of outrage, since our once-lofty expectations have been so greatly diminished.

Spring semester begins Monday to mercifully distract me from the M's woes, at least until Spring Training starts.

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