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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Kaz's Last Day 

Kazuhiro Sasaki is in town to sign papers terminating his involvement with the Seattle Mariners today. M's management expects the situation to be fully resolved by the end of the week. Goat Boy will have $9 million buring a hole in his pocket, a thought that scares the bejeezus out of me. One can be certain, though, that management will repeatedly mention that their budget is increased by only $8 million (Kaz's 2004 salary), leaving out the $1 million 2005 buyout and $500K in minimal performance incentives that the team is also saving. Ten bucks says they claim to not be able to afford Pudge.

One more thing about the Kaz situation has been brought to my attention. Brian Meehan of the Oregonian, in a Jan. 23 article, reports the following:
Bavasi said a Japanese team would have to compensate Seattle for signing Sasaki, the amount subject to negotiation.
This is analog to the Mariners negotiating with Orix in 2001 for the rights to Ichiro. Sasaki will be a big draw in Japan, and whichever Japan League team gets him will be willing to shell out some dough for the attendance boost. Rest assured that this revenue will NOT be factored into the M's 2004 payroll, or any other season's payroll, for that matter.

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