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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

The Results Are In, And They Stink 

Today is a good day in the lives of Dennis Eckersley and Paul Molitor, as each was elected to the Hall Of Fame. Congratulations to both men; they are deserving of the honor.

Ryne Sandberg will have to wait another year, however, to get his due. Receiving only 61.1 percent of the vote, Sandberg again fell well short of the 75 percent required for enshrinement. The good news is that, receiving just 49.2 percent of the vote a year ago, his support is on the rise. Molitor was a lock for the Hall, and deservedly so, yet any GM in baseball not named Bavasi would have traded Molitor for Sandberg without batting an eye. Ten All-Star selections, nine Gold Gloves (at a key position), and an MVP award don't amount to squat in the eyes of 38.9 percent of the voters, apparently.

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