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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Good Cubs News (Yes, It Exists From Time To Time) 

Pete, you ever heard of Francis Beltran?

Thanks to the 2/15 post on Ball Talk, which points to this "Jared" Rosenthal article. An excerpt:
Cubs Class AAA RHP Francis Beltran was a revelation pitching for Licey in his native Dominican Republic, going from unreliable middle reliever to closer...

"He's come up with a split-fingered fastball from hell," one scout says. "From what I saw, I don't know how you can keep him off their team." Beltran, 24, was shut down at Class AAA last July because of biceps tendinitis, but he is expected to compete for a spot in the bullpen -- there will be one or two openings, depending on whether the Cubs sign free-agent RHP Greg Maddux. Beltran throws 95 to 98 mph, and the Cubs project him as a closer in the future. . .

Sounds like the Northside version of Robocop to me.

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