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Friday, February 20, 2004

Good Luck Rob Ramsay 

Former Mariner (and Washington State Cougar) Rob Ramsay is in Orioles camp this spring, attempting a comeback from two brain surgeries (Washington Post article, registration required). Ramsay last pitched at the Major League-level in the 2000 ALCS against the Yankees. He had a "baseball-sized" tumor removed from his brain in 2001, and a blood clot removed from his brain in 2002. Things are stacked against him making the big club, as the O's have about as many "crafty lefties" as our M's trying out for the roster, but he certainly will be competitive for the job. Best of luck to him.

If you follow the link, and look at the picture, you'll notice Ramsay pitching with a John Olerud-style fielder's helmet. Baseball needs more men with helmets.

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