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Monday, February 09, 2004

I Think We're Villone Now 

Ron Villone is officially part of YOUR 2004 SEATTLE MARINERS! Fie! Several things bother me about this, most of which have already been covered by my esteemed M's blogland neighbors.

Villone's contract brings one question I haven't seen elsewhere: Why is a lefty in the pen a necessity? Soriano and Hasegawa are going to mow down righties, and do just fine against the lefties they're called to face.

To me, this signing means that Everyday Eddie is a lock as the closer (nothing wrong with that if it stood by itself), with Soriano in short relief. This must mean that a lefty in the pen is unimportant, because if it had any importance at all, Soriano would be the closer and Everyday Eddie would be that lefty. But then we sign Villone, whose only strength is that he can't use normal scissors, and I don't know what to think anymore! I'm as confused by this as you.

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