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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

More On (no pun intended) Scott Spiezio 

I was a little harsh (but only a little) in my criticism of Scott Spiezio's ability to field the hot corner. I compared Spiezio's lifetime 3B fielding stats to Russ Davis's as a Mariner, and found that Davis was actually quite a bit better, statistically. What I didn't consider, however, was the likely improvement Spiezio will show as a third baseman. Spiezio's lifetime 3B stats consist of the sum of all his spot appearances at the position. As the regular 3B this year, he will be (and hopefully already is) undoubtedly working very hard to learn the nuances of the position. Will Spiezio be as bad as his 1.66 range factor at 3B? Probably not. Will he be as "good" as Russ Davis? Only time will tell.

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