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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Top 50 Prospects 

He's not a scout, or an executive, so his opinion doesn't hold a lot of weight with the Goat Boys of the world, but Bryan Smith at Wait Til Next Year, in today's post, ranks baseball's 50 best prospects.

The M's made a respectable showing, with pitchers Clint Nageotte (#23) and Travis Blackley (#37) making the cut.

Oakland's got shortstop Bobby Crosby (#18) and pitcher Joe Blanton (#32).

As for Texas:



The Texas Rangers... have no prospects.

That's right. No Ranger in the top 50. Condolences to baseball fans in the Metroplex.

Anaheim is scarry now, and for the future. Five guys. Catcher Jeff Mathis (#12), first baseman Casey Kotchman (#19), pitchers Ervin Santana (#21) and Bobby Jenks (#31), and third baseman Dallas McPherson (#33).

Of note: Giants prospect, pitcher Merkin Valdez (#44). In a couple of years, when Felipe Alou goes to the mound to relieve Valdez, I hope to God that Jon Miller says, "It looks like Alou's jerkin' Merkin."

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