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Sunday, February 15, 2004

What Bill Bavasi Is Trying To Do Without Really Understanding All The Subtleties 

It looks like Maddux will be a Cub after all. This is a great move by the Jim Hendry and the Cubs, and while they are paying more than what they originally wanted to, they're getting a great veteran pitcher who can teach a thing or two to Mark Prior, Kerry Wood, and Carlos Zambrano. Goat Boy's trying to make this type of move, but instead of bringing back veterans capable of contributing to a championship team (Raul Ibanez is definitely NOT a championship-caliber outfielder), or who can impart valuable knowledge to the youngsters (there are no young players on the Mariners, nor do they have openings likely to be filled by AAA players), he's giving us Ron Villone and Terry Mulholland.

Three very important words for Goat Boy to familiarize himself with:


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