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Saturday, February 07, 2004

A Whole Lot Of Hits 

Jasyson Stark has an article on ESPN.com outlining the leaders in many statistical categories for the first four years of this decade. He spends most of the article explaining how Todd "Highway To" Helton has a reasonable chance to be the third player ever to average over 200 hits over an entire decade (Ty Cobb and Pete Rose are the only two so far). Certainly an impressive feat if Helton is lucky enough to make it. Incidentally, Ichiro is only about 50 hits from the top ten, despite playing the 2000 season in Japan.

The really impressive stat, however, is that Alex Rodriguez has a real shot to average 50 home runs over the decade. 50! No one has even come close to that. Maybe if he averaged 75, the Rangers could finally contend.

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