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Thursday, March 04, 2004


Preface: I give Stanford credit. That shot that Lottich made at the buzzer was nothing short of incredible. They play with poise at all times, and when they had to make a big play, they did.

I don't have the benefit of watching the game on TV, with replay after replay to see if the refs called certain plays correctly or not. And Stanford hit a LOT of clutch shots down the stretch tonight. I just don't think that they would have even had the opportunity, had the game been properly officiated.

I don't know whether Marcus Moore called time out in time to avoid a five second violation. From my vantage point, it looked like he did, but it's possible he didn't.

Much like the fact that Grady Little's firing wasn't a result of simply sticking with Pedro too long, but was based on a series of crucially bad game decisions, Cougar fans' disgust over the Stanford game wasn't simply based on the five-second call at the end. In the last ten minutes of the game, call after call went the way of the Cardinal. Starting at around ten minutes left, when Thomas Kelati was cross-checked by a Stanford defender without a call, until the final seconds, every break went Stanford's way.

The Cougs out-played Stanford tonight, and were rewarded by becoming targeted by all three Pac-10 officials for the most minor of violations.

Before I come off as bitter (too late), I'd like to close by congratulating Jeff Varem, Marcus Moore, Chris Schlatter, Randy Green, and Thomas Kelati for collectively playing the game of their lives. I like the direction that Cougar Basketball is headed.

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