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Saturday, March 13, 2004

Blackley For 'Pen 2004! 

I just saw the first few innings of the M's - Rockies game today. What I saw:

Travis Blackley was dominant. No one got a good swing against him, and a couple hitters looked plain stupid facing Blackley. He looks ready right now.

Dobbs, unfortunately, missed nearly all of last season with an Achilles tendon injury. He looks like a good, left-handed hitter. He'll probably be in San Antonio to start with, with a promotion to Tacoma if he does as expected. There's a good chance he'll join the M's for 2005.

Nunez, a pitcher from Cuba for the Rockies, was filthy. No one he faced had any idea what he was up to. He seems to rely on a nasty slider, so he may not be as effective at Colorado elevation, but he sure is impressive at Peoria level. He didn't seem to have full command of his fastball, which if I was a Rockies fan would worry me considerably.

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