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Friday, March 12, 2004

Blaine's New A@#hole 

Jeff Shaw today tore Blaine Newnham a new one in a line-by-line dissection of Newnham's Seattle Times column. From Jeff's first sentence of his second paragraph:
Blaine Newnham's column in today's Times is so full of beans I could use it to make the world's largest burrito.
to this Mortal Kombat-style finishing move:
It's bad enough that Newnham implies, again, that he'd rather have an old Stan Javier than Ken Griffey Jr. in his prime.
Jeff goes on to fire a few shots into a fallen Newnham, just to make sure he stays down. Truly a classic read. I love when one of the really talented M's Bloggers goes the extra mile and puts together a post like this one.

Note -- Newnham really did say that he preferred old as dirt Javier to King Of The Free World Junior. Seriously.

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