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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Dirty Laundry 

Bob Melvin is publicly criticizing Ben Davis about his pitch calling in the fourth Spring Training game of the year. Cut the guy a little slack, will ya?

Not that I was particularly enamoured with Melvin before, but these comments, coming in light of his thinly-veiled slaps in the face of Mike Cameron, really make me lose a lot of respect for him.

In other news, Bo-Fin (or maybe a better nickname is "B-Fine;" it kinda has the same vibe as "G-Fresh" from Orgasmo; I'm open to suggestion) is back on his Griffey-to-Seattle soapbox. The Mariners blogging community has nearly unanimously denounced this potential move as a bad one. One major consideration that is being ignored, however, is the Baseball Gods Factor.

The Baseball Gods work in mysterious ways that go far beyond mere human understanding, but from my experience, the Gods would love to see Junior back in Seattle. Just like the Angels were rewarded for ditching the "Star Wars PJ's" uniforms (if you ever had Star Wars PJ's as a kid, find a picture from back then and you'll see what I mean) in 2002, and the Red Sox continue to be punished for trading Baseball Jesus, the Gods can powerfully alter the course of baseball history.

The Gods are Edgar fans, one can expect, so they'll already be leaning toward the M's in Edgar's last season, and they sure as hell couldn't pass on a return-of-the-prodigal-son story with Junior coming over.

Let's do this. Bring Junior back to the M's.

Edit -- 8:24 AM: On August 1, I used an Eagles song as the title for my post. Today it's a Don Henley title. I promise this disturbing trend will not continue.

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