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Saturday, March 13, 2004

I Wish I Had More Than Seven Dollars Right Now... 

'cuz I'd be in Arizona, and I would have watched Maddux and Garcia pitch in Cactus League competition. Yeah, it's only Spring Training, but judging by the over-capacity crowd, people are nonetheless excited. Freddy walked three batters in three innings, which needs improvement, but he was getting outs with his fastball by keeping it down. Freddy's woes the past two seasons are due largely to excessively high home run totals, which in turn are due largely to missing high with the fastball. If he is making strides with his fastball command, look out American League. We just might see 2001 Freddy again. Which gives the M's a rotation like this:

All-Star Moyer
All-Star Freddy
Nasty Joel Piniero
Gil Meche
Ryan Franklin

One through three are as good as anyone save Oakland and the Cubs. When Franklin falters, I think we'll see some starts out of Robocob, and all of a sudden the rotation is downright formidable. Great starting pitching can make up for a lot of Quinton McCracken- (or Terrence Long-) sized offensive holes. Here's hoping nobody gets hurt.

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