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Saturday, March 20, 2004

I'm Baaaaaack! 

For both of you who were wondering what happened to me this week, I decided to use Spring Break as an opportunity to be free of Mariners news for a week. Sure enough, nothing happened. A few minor league guys were demoted. Ridiculous trade rumors abounded. Barry Bonds was freaking incredible (I can't believe how quick his hands are).

The NCAA hoops tourney has been remarkably uninteresting. There hasn't been a single buzzer-beater thus far, so when Brandon Roy chucked his three-quarter court desperation heave at the end of the Fusskies' terrible performance against UAB, I half expected him to bury it. Side note -- Roy must feel at least a little slighted by all the attention Nate Robinson has received, considereing Roy's twice the player Robinson is. BTW -- check out Huskies Suck. It's a parody of the UW athletic site. I especially like the poll question: "Do the Huskies suck?" with only one possible response: "Yes." Also take a look at the Husky article generator (linked on the left sidebar of Huskies Suck). BTW II -- UAB must lead the nation in Faces Loved Only By Players' Respective Mothers.

Eastern lost in the first round, and Gonzaga followed suit in the second. Connecticut, my offical Inexplicable Rooting Interest (ever since the days of Tate George, speaking of buzzer beaters) and pick to win it all, is still alive, so I'll keep watching for the time being.

You may be asking, "Chris, what did you do with a week off? Did you travel to a warmer clime? Did you enjoy some good ol' home cooking and a comfy bed in the peace and quiet of Mom's house?" (You may now be asking, "Why would I be asking anything remotely similar to that?") To answer the questions nobody asked, I slept on Mom's hardwood floor (when they say hardwood floors, they should say hard, wood floors), spending my days working at Nintendo of America in North Bend. Sounds fun, huh? No, not really. My job was to put UPC labels on Game Boy Advance packages and Game Cube controllers. Similar in nature to Laverne and Shirley's job, but without the hilarious hijinks. But, a job's a job, and I need the cash big time.

In summary: nothing out of Peoria, less than edge-of-your-seat March Madness action, boring Spring Break. A good week to take off.

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