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Thursday, March 11, 2004

Tim Kurkjian On Griffey 

In a piece on ESPN.com, with considerably more journalistic responsibilty than recently demonstrated by Bob "B-Fine" Finnegan, Kurkjian discusses moves the Reds might make with regards to Junior. He's careful to mention that none of these deals are imminent, but he has Griffey potentially going to the Dodgers, Mariners, or White Sox. It's noteworthy that Kurkjian devotes two entire paragraphs to what Griffey can do for the M's, and less than a line of text combined on Los Angeles and Chicago. I personally think this deal is going to happen, possibly very soon. We've got young arms that we're just going to wreck anyway that Cincinnati desperately needs, and they have KEN GRIFFEY JUNIOR. He won't hit 50 homers again, and he probably won't win another Gold Glove, but he represents a huge upgrade over Raul Ibanez.

The first thing I noticed about the Griffey article was the photo. Junior is smiling. A simple expression that used to be so characteristic of Ken Griffey Jr. that we took it for granted is now so noticible that it caused me to do a double-take.

EDIT (10:21 PM) - This headline on ESPN.com just caught my eye: Good omen for Junior? Griffey hits 440-foot HR.

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