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Thursday, April 15, 2004

A Call To All Mariner Fans 

Think of all the things that have changed in your life this offseason. Maybe you bought a new coffee table or television. Switched brands of coffee (or, shame on you, cigarettes). Started going to the gym. Thanks to these changes, the Mariners are 1-7. Whatever part of your routine is different, change it back to the old way IMMEDIATELY! I, for example, am going to wear a pair of shoes that I last wore regularly in 2001 on a daily basis. And since Sox-1918 has seen, it its brief lifetime, only ONE MARINER VICTORY, there will be no posts for a couple of days. (Plus, I'm swamped at school, so there would probably be no posts anyway.)

The biggest change over recent years is that I will not be attending my first Mariner game of the season until Game 11, Saturday night against the Rangers. I'll be in the left field bleachers. If you want to say hi, come up to the bleachers and holler "IDAHO SUCKS!" You'll find me, guaranteed. Seriously, that's how my brother and I found eachother at Seahawks Stadium once.

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