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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Feeling Miserable 

Take at look at David Schoelfield's article on ESPN.com's Page 2, detailing the most miserable moment for each franchise over the past 25 years. The choice for the Mariners? Alfonzo Soriano's homer off Kazu in the 2001 ALCS. Certainly miserable, indeed (Red Fairly: "No question about it"). How about what Dave Justice did against Arthur Rhodes in 2000, though? Rhodes was arguably the toughest lefty reliever in the game that year, but Justice absolutley destroyed that ball. He hit it so well, you knew instantly that it was gone by a mile. There was none of that hope, like when someone hit one to center during the team's fifteen year run of Gold Glove-caliber center field play, that Mike Cameron could bring it back. I've never had hopes so quickly deflated in my life.

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