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Monday, April 12, 2004

If Tomorrow's an Off Day, Give It Your Best Shot Today 

Just a quick thought before I retire for the night:

With an off day Monday, why was Kevin Jarvis even in uniform? Whose arm are the Mariners saving? I've always wondered why, on the day before a scheduled day off, managers rely on anyone less than their top-shelf relief pitchers. Same goes for position players. I recognize that Cabrera was a platoon replacement for Olerud today, starting at first with the lefty Mulder taking the ball for the A's. That's fine. I remember a Sunday afternoon game in 2001, though, that my uncle (a baseball coach himself, Olympia Mariner) drove all the way over from Pomeroy to see. We sat in right field, about the 15th row or so. Prime spot from which to watch the phenom Ichiro operate. Who's starting in right that day, with an off day the following day? You guessed it, John Mabry. My uncle was understandably a wee bit disappointed.

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