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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

My Ten Dollar Radio 

I went to Goodwill in Moscow today and found a ten dollar radio, so now I can listen to the Mariner broadcasts out of the Colfax station. I'm beginning to regret that already. This is getting ugly (uglier, GA just went deep). I'm hearing Rick Rizzs too many times saying, "Ibanez on the run; can't get there." Hendu just said that Jarvis is warming up. I can't believe how overmatched the M's have been so far.

I'm not watching, I'm listening, so I have to take Hendu's word when he says that the Piniero's getting beat on good pitches. In today's Sports Weekly, there's an article about the Orioles, and in the bit on Sidney Ponson, Ponson says that the key to his improvement has been understanding that sometimes hitters hit good pitches, and that he doesn't let that get under his skin any more. Hopefully Piniero doesn't let this game get under his skin and bounces back next time out.

Randy Winn just doubled, then stole third. The M's are down by about ninety runs. Wake-up call to the rest of the team, I suppose.

Boone just knocked him in with a double. 8-1.

This is kind of fun, writing while the game's going on in the background. I'm going to have to do this more often. Base hit for Ibanez. Boone to third. Aurilia just roped a double, scoring Boone and Ibanez. 8-3, Angels. Maybe they'll at least wear out the bullpen a little bit for tomorrow.

Called strike three to Olerud. Without specifically saying so, I don't think Rick is too sure about the call. A Dan Wilson (broken-bat, bloop single) to left, and Aurilia scores. 8-4. Let's make a game out of this.

Bloomquist up now. Hacking at the first pitch. Discipline, of course, being Willie's forte. Down 0-2, Bloomie takes a close one. 1-2. Outside again, 2-2. With Ichiro on deck, it's a good time to work a walk. Swing and a miss. Inning over.

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