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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Put On Your Dancin' Shoes, Your Rain Dancin' Shoes 

Rainouts have always annoyed me to a certain extent. You make a point to hurry home so you can catch the game by the third inning or so, and they're showing reruns of "You Gotta See This" instead. Then you're stuck at home with two options: network TV and reading. Yawn.

Starting in 1995 or so, I've had a better reason for hating rainouts. Now that the Mariners are (were?) a successful team, rainouts have usually come when the team has ripped off about five wins in a row. Then the game gets rescheduled for August sometime (we all know how well the M's have done in August recently), and it hurts us in the standings.

This year has been different. During that game in Texas, I was really hoping the heavy stuff would come down and the umps would decide to call it a night. I was rooting for rain AGAINST THE TEXAS RANGERS. Then I got home yesterday, turned on my Goodwill radio, and almost jumped ten feet when I heard "The Mariners are rained out tonight in Baltimore." Rain in Baltimore and Arlington. And I'm relieved. I think I can hear the Scorpions' monster ballad "Winds if Change" playing somewhere nearby...

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