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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

At Least The Red Sox Have An Interesting Team 

This is getting ridiculous! The way the Mariners are playing...

In the last couple of weeks, the Boston Red Sox have been on TV four or five times on ESPN, and with the recent M's-Sox series in Boston, I've seen a lot of them lately. That team is fun to watch. The fans seem to have confidence in every one of their hitters, even the Mark Bellhorns and David McCarthies of their lineup. There's none of this bunting-so-our-best-guy-gets-walked B.S. going on in New England this year. And every one of their players brings something to the table both with his play and with his personality. They've got a zillion different personas, including a big lovable Hispanic guy, a misunderstood superstar, a CAVEMAN!, the Greek God of Walks, two of the best pitchers of this generation, Mia Hamm's husband, and Kevin Millar. They're a lot like the 1997 Mariners, and hopefully they'll be on TV this often all season long.

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