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Friday, June 04, 2004

Contreras To M's? 

USS Mariner has linked a story from the New York Times that reports the Mariners' interest in Jose Contreras. Contreras has two and a half years left on his four year, $32 million contract, so financially the move makes no sense at all. Contreras has been all over the place lately, having very little command and likely earning a demotion to the Yankee 'pen, swapping places with Tanyon Sturtze. His contract is way too big for the Mariners to even think about taking it on, but assuming they can get the Yankees to eat most of Contreras' salary, his price in trade will probably never be lower. If they can get their portion of Contreras' pay to under $3 million a year, I say they take a chance with Contreras. It certainly wouldn't make the M's a worse team.

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