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Monday, June 14, 2004

Cougar Baseball Draft Review 

Four Cougs were taken in the first two days of the 2004 MLB draft. From the Official WSU Athletics web site:
WSU's 2004 MLB draft list includes:

Bryce Chamberlin, RHP, Baltimore, 8th player taken in the 6th round, 169th overall pick;
Grant Richardson, 1B, Milwaukee, 5th player taken in the 14th round, 406th overall;
Brandon Reddinger, C, Pittsburgh, 11th player taken in the 20th round, 592nd overall pick;
Aaron Trolia, RHP, Seattle, 22nd player taken in the 27th round, 813th overall pick.

From the games I've attended, I'm surprised to see Chamberlain taken that early. He was the Cougs' best pitcher this year, but never seemed to overpower anyone. Hitters seemed to get good hacks against him.

Richardson has ridiculous power, even considering the use of an aluminum bat. If you've been to Pullman, you'll appreciate this: I saw Richardson put a ball into the Beasley Coliseum parking lot on the fly, several rows of parked cars deep. For the non-Coug readers, suffice to say that that's about like a ball going more than halfway into the left field bleachers at Safeco. The best thing about that particular shot was that it came at the expense of the Fusskies. Richardson hit .315 or so (OK but not really notable at the college level) and struck out a lot without drawing a lot of walks, so he's got work to do to reach the bigs.

Reddinger was an average hitter at the college level, and has a terrific arm.

I missed Trolia this year, so I've never seen him pitch.

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