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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Griffey Tears Dibble A New One 

Ken Griffey responded to criticism from ESPN's Rob Dibble (registration required) about as well as it could be done:
"That goes back a few years to when I wouldn't autograph a ball for him," Griffey said. "He rips me all the time, so why would I sign a ball for him? He's ripped me ever since. He needs to grow up.

"It wasn't me who threw a ball into the center-field seats after blowing a save that hit a woman," Griffey added. "It wasn't me fighting my manager (Lou Piniella, when he managed the Reds and Dibble was in the bullpen). It wasn't me ripping off my uniform on the field when he blew a game (after giving up a winning home run in New York to Bobby Bonilla).
And now for the knockout punch:
"He's just mad and bitter because he was never more than a 100-miles-an-hour set-up guy."

Good for you, Junior.

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