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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Hiram Bocachica Is OK In My Book 

Last night, with nobody out in the 7th, Hiram Bocachica nearly took a Roger Clemens fastball in the teeth, getting hit in the hand with the pitch. After shaking his hand for a while to test it out, he walked down to first and took his lead. Then he did one of the ballsiest things I've seen in a while. After taking a pretty big lead from first, Boca started making those jab-step, "am I going to steal? You better pay attention to me 'cause I might steal" fake jumps to second and drew about 35 throws from Clemens. It's unlikely, since yesterday's start was likely Clemens' last against the M's, but if Boca and Clemens ever square off again, rest assured Boca's getting plunked for his antics. Boca ended up running about seven or eight times on pitched fouled off by the batter, Ichiro. The drama ended when Ichiro finally put one in play, a grounder to short, and Boca absolutely tore up Astros second baseman Jose Viscaino with a hard slide to end any remote chance at doubling up Ichiro.

Oh, and to top it all off, Boca made a sick diving catch on a sinking liner in front of him in center field. It was the kind of center field play we've been spoiled with since 1989 and been lacking all season.

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